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You will notice our films are real and personal! Not just a run-of-the-mill wedding video.

Jen makeup

Where are my pants? Richard and Jennifer’s Highlight Film

Janae Smiling 01

Stonegate Mansion Wedding Feature Film

jen and richard laughing

Richard and Jennifer’s Trailer

sharon 02

Matt and Sharon’s Trailer

brandon and christina 01

Oak Water Ranch Wedding Film – Brandon and Christina’s Highlight Film


Epic Wedding Save The Date Film


Beautiful Stonegate Mansion Wedding Trailer

We are an award winning production company and truly awesome too.

Our films are emotional, breathtaking, and most important, they’re REAL. That’s why all of our films are different!

Always ready for a new ADVENTURE. We capture the true personalities of our couples. We interweave their true selves into an emotional rollercoaster, heart-felt film they want to watch over and over! It’s definitely not something you watch once and put it on the shelf. That would be a terrible investment and we have no desire to create that.
The reason why our films are so personal and relevant to our couples is because... We take the time to discover who our couples are. As much as they invest in our talents and the experience they have with us, we invest that back into their marriage! It’s not just about the final film we create for them, but the experience with us and how this film will be a cornerstone to their marriage! This is the 1st piece of history for their new family and we are so thrilled that over the years we have been blessed to capture all of the fast-fleeting emotions and memories of that day! Just imagine if you had video of your grandmother boogying on the dance floor like there was no tomorrow! Imagine being able to hear the spry and youthfulness of your voice speaking those vows again. There are so many sights, sounds, and emotions that happen that day, and the only way to fully experience them is with a well put together film. And if the film is created in a personal way, it will be the one heirloom from the wedding that will never collect dust.

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  • Dulock Productions was one of the best investments we made for our wedding. We loved their professionalism, but also enjoyed the personality and creativity that they brought to our wedding experience. Seeing our day through their camera lens was overwhelming. They captured beauty, style, memories, and depth that was beyond my recollection of the day.
    Aaron and Lauren
  • They captured moments that I didn't even know they had filmed. Before they headed out the night of the wedding they showed me a little clip of some of the footage they had put together! The Tuesday following the wedding we got the teaser trailer and we were obsessed. They understood our style, the "vibe" we wanted and executed it.
    David and Chelsea
  • Above and beyond expectations!!!
    Mark and Tiffany
  • If you want to enjoy your wedding all over again and again and again for years to come after the dress has been worn and music has played, add the Dulocks to your roster of personnel for your big day. They'll make it thrice as big and doubly memorable.
    Joel and Alycia
  • "The Dulocks are AMAZING! On top of the top notch service, they're great people to hang out with. Having someone video your day can be intrusive but they were anything but, half of the time I forgot they were there. :) LOVED everything about my video."
  • Next to my daughter's marriage, the video that the Dulocks made was the best thing to come out of the big day. I watched it every day for months, and still pull it up anytime I want to brighten up my day.
    Joyce, Mother Of The Bride